resident alien and frequent nasa case study (@njaemin)
i love you. those are simple words, or seemingly simple, but i really love you. we've been through a lot together, and i know we still have so much to go through as life moves us forward, but you really made one of the hardest times of my life (up until that point anyway, a handful of months ago) more tolerable. you let me talk about colors, and you talked about colors back. you let me talk cryptically about something that i was too scared to speak candidly about to anyone, and you never pushed for more details. you just listened and validated and related when you could. you're always going to be one of the people that got me through that time. you'll always be the person who understood my orange. when we were apart for a while, i knew something was missing, but when you came back home, something important clicked back into place. i'm very bad at one on one conversations these days. they scare me. i'm terrified of being vulnerable, and i also am not great at small talk, so i know i end up just being really quiet, and i'm sorry. please know it isn't a reflection of how much i care, because i really really love you. you're my brother. thank you for everything. please feel the weight of that sentence, because you've done more for me than you know. thank you. happy birthday, renjun ☄️


a turtle, recently obtained a girlfriend (@jenol)
hey renjun, it's your birthday! can you even believe it! you're getting so impossibly old!! i hope your meeting with the cryptkeeper goes well for you today, pick out a nice tombstone! want me to say your eulogy? i promise i'll make it beautiful and touching and only partly about me!! in all seriousness though i'm glad that you're alive (and will stay alive even despite your old age), i'm so thankful for your friendship and your presence in my life, you're one of my very best friends and i truly don't think i could handle doing any of this without you. you're funny and smart and your talent knows no bounds, i get so inspired by you every day. how do you even sing like that?? what's the trick?? CAN YOU TEACH ME AND MAKE ME BETTER?? i know you won't though because then i'll take over the world with my sheer ability!! ok but in all seriousness yet again, i hope your day today is amazing and full of love and that you get everything your heart desires, you're a beautiful human being with a heart of gold and i love you a lot (just don't make me say it out loud). happy birthday renjunnie!!!!!
lots of love,


canadian, suffers from frequent confusion (@leeminhyung)
renjun, happy birthday!! there isn't much i can say that isn't going to be more eloquently and less canadian-ly said by others, so let me get right to the point: i hope you have a fantastic moomin-filled day. this group is so fortunate to have you in it: you are supremely talented and help to make the nct vocal line the formidable force that it is. it's been a great thing getting to watch you cultivate your talents and watching you grow into the very clever and skilled person that you are today. may you only continue to be more recognized and appreciated in the coming year, happy birthday! (initially i typed "may your stock continue to GO UP, no nct dream" but then i decided that was a little much, even on your birthday. but if you want to pretend that's what i said, there you go.)


god of sun, alleged terrorist of hyungs (@haechan) (i'm leaving this one bc it's funny)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY RENJUN!!!! you already know you're one of the most special people in my life and i can't believe it's been another year since the last time i harassed you on your birthday. one of the things i appreciate the most about you is the way you always say what is on your mind, so when you say things like "i don't want anything for my birthday" i can appreciate that (but not listen). it's one year closer to retiring on your farm and i hope this year brings you everything you could possibly want (within reason) (no one is getting you knives). you're my BEST FRIEND, the person i rely on the most and honestly, i say this all the time but my life would be really really empty without you. hopefully someone has prepared you a cake (besides me, because the one i got you i plan on eating ALL OF IT) and i hope you have the best birthday in the history of all birthdays. you're amazing, HAPPY BIRTHDAY i love you more than anything else
HAECHAN (the Boss)